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I want to make you aware of a beautiful song called"All One People."  I was touched by this beautiful tribute to the human family the 1st time I listened to in 1992. I have since become good friends with the song's writer Joseph Naytowhow. I believe so much in the power of this song that I produced a special package for teachers as a gift to Joseph. It is my dream to have this song sung in schools across North America and eventually around the world. Please take time to check out the disc's content listen to audio clips below.

*** Please note that this CD is in CD Extra format. It includes 31 audio tracks and 31 PDF files that can be printed off from your computer.

All One People CD $19.95

  • This song touched my heart the first time I heard it. I have been forever interconnected with my spirit brother Joseph Naytowhow ever since I purchased his casette tape back in the early 1990's. Joseph's song is a tribute to the human family we are all a part of. My students have always loved to sing All One People in English, French and Cree. It has also been translated into Lakota and other languages.

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