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I received my flute and love it! I wish you would have more keys of the Pentatonic variety. I would buy them all…

Thank you very much and have a great day!

Follow up email: 

 Hi Rich,


I was serious about the other keys. I not only find the adventure flute great for being outdoors, and that it is waterproof, etc. , but this flute also does not go flat or sharp in different weather conditions, so it makes an excellent flute to play along with recorded music in certain keys. I would love to be able to buy flutes in the key of E,F, and G…

Please let me know if you think of selling these some day, and I will keep my eye out for them.

Thanks again and have a great day!

Coral, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (April 2024) 


“Hi Rich,

Just letting you know that my son received the flute for his birthday yesterday and he loves it, especially since it has the drone attached. We are very pleased with the soulful sound of this flute. It sounds very much like its wooden flute counterparts. Unlike wooden flutes though, my son can play it in the pouring rain if he wanted to, which is a bonus.”

Thank you,

Earl Maher from St. John’s, NL. (May 13, 2024)


Hi Rich ,

Flute arrived , it is amazing,  great build quality , beautiful sound and tuning is spot on , great work ! I love it ! 
Thank you for your help getting this and thanks for making these ! Peace and Good , 


Don Thoma, United States (Feburary 5, 2024) 


[The following email is from Jim Fallon. Jim received a Northern Spirit Flute as a gift. He went on the website and found an error regarding "wetting out". Jim was kind enough to send me the URL's for the places on the website with the error. I made the changes and this was the email I received in response from Jim. Thank you very much for the kind words, Jim.]

Rich..excellent change("It takes longer to wet out") and the rest of the description is  perfect!!!.

The amazing thing about this flute is its accuracy in tuning and clear full sound and being immune to the effects of  changes in temperature, humidity, weather,  can be a definite advantage

It sounds better than most flutes made by these "master Craft-men" ..not that their flutes are bad...the Northern Spirits flute simply out plays them.. and has a better sound's easier to do "embellishments"( chirping, barking, pop's, bending and sliding) on this flute, and it is much more accurate as far as actual pitch is concerned.

Best Wishes,
May you sell many to many happy customers!

Jim Fallon, New Mexico (January 14, 2024)


Omygoodness! I’m in Flute heaven.
I can’t thank you enough Rich for creating my amazing new flutes. What a fabulous fun instrument to discover 


Breathe and Believe,

Roslyn Uttleymoore,

Pelican Waters, Sunshine Coast,

Queensland, Australia (Oct. 3, 2023)


Subject: AWESOME FLUTE!!!!!!!

Message: Hi Richard, I just got your flute. Wow!!! Great sound and spot on tuning!!! I bought the Mid A Penatonic tuning. I was a little leery at first in purchasing a plastic flute. I am so glad that I checked so many raving reviews and thought outside the box! It plays beautifully. I am even hitting higher notes and playing scales that I couldn’t play all the way on a lot of my wooden flutes. I love how durable it is. And so easy to clean. The little notch on the bottom of the block, so to line it up again correctly on the nest, is an excellent touch. It hasn’t “wetted out” after playing it for a length of time. I even had moisture dripping from a sound hole when wiping it down after playing. It is such a wonderful birthday present from my wife. Something I can enjoy for years. I plan on taking it on an upcoming trip and play it out on a lake, in a kayak. I would have never consider doing that with my wooden flutes. This is my new travel flute. Keep up the great work.


I am very happy with this flute. Thank you!!!!


Sincerely, Bob Wagner Jr. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) (Sept. 24, 2023)


“What I notice with the students is sort of that buddy system with their flute. It's sort of like, somebody that you can carry with you and be with you. I notice they carry their flutes around a lot. It's with them all the time . . .even sitting in the stairway towards the gym there and just playing it, softly by themselves.” Mary Lee, Elder, Oskayak High School (January 2005)


Hello Rich!


I got the flute a couple of weeks ago but was waiting for my wife’s birthday to give it to her. She’s very happy and she loves it, as is our little baby girl who is loving to listen to the warm sound it makes.

Cristian R 


Hi Richard,

I have a five hole High Spirits cedar flute in A that I love, but I love the tone of these flutes just as much! They really do sound incredible!

Here are the first two classes of five. We decided to drill five holes first to explore the pentatonic, with students having the option to drill hole number six in May. They are also close to finished sewing bags for their flutes.


I have never seen such engagement among Grade 5’s! Students took their flutes home for spring break (now) to explore and play. When they come back the plan is to incorporate the flutes into a celebration song for their Grade 5 farewell.


Natasha Sayers, Copperfield School, Calgary AB, Canada (March 31, 2023)


Hi Rich,
I love this little flute that I purchased from you recently, it is so pure and easy to play! I have a question regarding removing the bird to air it out. Is it necessary, considering that it is not wood? And if so, how often should it be?
Thank you,
Janine, Toronto, Canada (March 18, 2023)

Reply email:

Hi Janine,


Thank you so much for your email. It brings joy to my heart to hear you are happy with your purchase.


To answer your questions, no you do not need to remove the Bird to let your flute dry out. The only exception would be if you've been playing and the sound gets fuzzy. If this happens, the first thing to do is to cover the True Sound Hole and blow hard to push any moisture that has built up under the bird. If this doesn't work, you can grab your flute by the foot end and lift it up and quickly whip it down to until no more water comes out of the Slow Air Chamber. If this doesn't work, this would be time to remove the Bird wipe it and the Nest down and start playing again.

In Song & In Spirit,




Hey Rich,

The flute has arrived! It's a lovely little instrument, feels great in my hands and IT sounds fantastic! Although it'll be a while before I do!! Hahaha

I'm looking forward to becoming 'at one' with it and learning to play.

Thank you once again 🙏

Shane Fairbairn

Richmond, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom (January 27,2023)


Greetings again Rich, 

It's been a pleasurable experience throughout! 

I'm more than happy for you to quote me etc and feel free to use my name and locale in doing so.

I'm absolutely loving my magic flute ( not a Puf'n'Stuff reference!) and I believe it's going to become my new best friend and travelling companion! 

Many Blessings 🙏



Dear Richard,

My flute has arrived, I have unboxed it and wow!   It has an amazing sound!  Thank-you!   I am so excited to have a travel flute that sounds amazing.   It exceeds my expectations.  So glad Jonny Lipford recommended your flutes.

With gratitude,
Diane  Owens, Durham, North Carolina, USA (Nov. 23, 2022)


Hope your 2023 is off to a wonderful start!   I took your travel flute and played it at the Outer Banks of North Carolina over the Holiday between Christmas and New Years.

May you experience peace and make wonderful memories during 2023.

With gratitude,

Diane  Owens, Durham, North Carolina, USA (January. 18, 2023)



Dear Rich,

I got the flute and it sounds and feels great! Thank you for helping me deal with all the extra headaches, I appreciate you.

Dicky. T USA (January 18, 2023)


Hi Rich,

I am sad to report that my friend Norma passed away suddenly yesterday of a stroke. 

You may remember that I bought her one of your flutes to focus her energies after her husband died. She was delighted beyond measure and was energized to listen to your tutorials. I kept encouraging her. She was very happy! She really liked your method of teaching.

I was going to call her a week ago and check her progress with the flute, but, unfortunately, didn’t. That was the day she had the stroke. 

I just wanted to let you know that your flute was the center of her happiness during the last few days of her life.

Your work makes a difference in many ways.

Thank you and keep on showing the journey to many people.

Béla, USA (August 23, 2022)


Hi Rich!
We are absolutely loving the flutes :)


Cheers, Meghan (August 23, 2022)


Package has arrived! I'm so happy! I appreciate your time sir!

Dusty from Oklahoma, USA (June 13, 2022)


Hi Richard,

Thank you so much.  Not just for the additional gift, but for taking the time and doing all of the work to make these flutes available.  Because of you, I am now able to start donating flutes and teaching people in my community who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to play music.  We all have a song inside, thanks for giving it a voice.

Susan Schuster, Ballston Spa, New York, USA (April 5, 2022)



Subject: Indigenous Flutes
Message: Rich, I received the flutes 2 days ago and have been thrilled. I have the indigenous tuning A and D . I am making more music already than with my pentatonic scale flutes! I have lately been more drawn to the indigenous tuning of this instrument, its history and its music. Thank you for an affordable introduction to this! The flute should not be relegated to being a whistle adorning a backing track it should reflect what is in ones’ soul. Thank you for what you do!

Laura Gonzalez, Elon, NC USA ( February 27, 2022)


Good day,

I recently brought the Mid A Minor flute, and successfully received it today. 

I wanted to take the time to say that it is absolutely perfect, I am extremely surprised considering it is plastic. The sound is warm, you don't hear any harshness as one would with similarly-priced irish or beginner flutes; the high octave is crisp and clear, with again enough warmness. No issues at all with the fingering, it played crisp with no problem straight out of the box.... Honestly, I was very, very surprised and pleased with the flute, congratulations for making something like that at such an affordable price.


So just wanted to let you know everything was okay with the order and the flute, and thank you again for making such great instruments available at such a low cost!

Have a great day,

Kim from Canada (February 9, 2022)


Just wanted to say Thank you. I have been enjoying learning to play my Native American Flute. I just started in a program called Flutes for Vets and am using my flute from you there. Take care.


Roger Chico, De Coster, North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (February 3, 2022)


Hello Rich.


Just a quick message to say Thank You for your assistance and for the great phone call. I really appreciate your help and that is amazing customer service. I look forward to a new journey in my life and I appreciate you helping me on this journey. Have a Very Happy New Year and continue to stay safe and warm up there!!


Roger Chico De Coster, North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (December 31, 2021)

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Good morning Richard,

Greetings from Vermont! Hope this message finds you well. I put your flute kit together this week and I am very happy with it.

It’s very comfortable to play and I am impressed at how loud and crisp the sound is. I also notice I am able to get different effects. Thank you for making the components of this flute, and also for the tutorial videos. I had a good experience put it together, and it is very fun and easy to play. 

Thank you for your time and wishing you all the best.

Edward Burke, Burlington, Vermont USA (September 2021)



Šiyótȟaŋka mitȟáwa kiŋ líla wašté.Líla waštéwalake. Philámayaye.

(My flute is very good. I like it a lot. Thanks.) 

 I have just received it! 

I'm on crutches at the moment and not supposed to be hopping about so this will keep me still! I especially like playing traditional music but a lot of happy practice is going to be needed! 


Jac 😀 and Nakóma 🐱 (except this is something my igmú can't join in with!) United Kingdom (August 2021)


I received my flute mid A.  I LOVE it. Sounds so nice and is easy to play.  Of all 6 of my flutes, It is the one I take everywhere. Whenever you bring it out in G, I will be first in line to get one.

Steve Vess, Oregon, USA (July 2021)


Hi Rich - I opened the box and removed the flutes inside. Each of my daughters exclaimed " Oh I like that one!!" when I played each one. That's the best review you could ever get!! 😀 My daughters, 32 and 34 years of age, are biased having grown up with my flutes. They are also strongly opinionated and let me know if I make one they don't care for...well they love your flutes as do I.

Thank you so much for this gift Rich!!!

Hawk Henries, Nipmuc, USA (2021)


I live in Oregon. Recently my wife and our daughter's family went on a leisurely rafting trip on the famous Deschutes River.  I was the shuttle driver for them.  As I waited for their  arrival at the take out point, I took out my go anywhere Northern Spirit Flute and began to play. I would call myself an advanced novice, but this easy to play flute makes even me sound pretty good.   The folks in almost every boat that passed me,  commented on how beautiful it sounded.  And some of the other shuttle drivers came over to sit in the shade and listen to its music.  I think I spent as much time explaining the flute, how easy it is to play, and where they could get one, than I did actually playing it.  It was fun.  Thank you for this take everywhere fun flute.

Steve Vess, Oregon, USA (July 2021)


Bonjour Rich,


I received the flute yesterday. It sound just as I was hoping. I went to the beach with it and I started practicing. Thank you for your kindness and all the data you gave me.


Thank you for your work and have a nice day


Jean-Paul, from Brittany, France - (I recommend you check out the megaliths!)


Bonjour Rich,

The flute arrived already.  Exactly what was wanted/needed.


Kindest regards.


Bill Lavallee, Manitoba, Canada (April 2021) 


Thanks again Richard!  The Paypal invoice was easy to find - just a little further down in the inbox.  That should take care of all the paperwork and payment processing, etc.  Thanks for the bonus links.  I'll check them out tomorrow a.m.  I really appreciate all the personal attention you've given to help me put together the order that will best fit my objectives of both a fun instrument for my granddaughter, and a learning tool for building for me.

I'm sure we'll be chatting again soon.  Thanks again, and stay well.


Dennis Danner (D.D. & Lil' Ev)
Roanoke, VA. USA (April 2021)


Good morning Rich

I hope you are well.  I received the flute yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! I love the range of notes and the loving sound of the flute.  I recorded it on my DAW with a bit of echo and I was blown away. I have a cedar #G flute and it is nice to have A minor drone flute now. Looking forward to playing it this week! 


Thank you so much!


Donatello Iocco, Ontario, Canada (March 2021) 


Hi Rich,

Just to let you know that the flute arrived a few days ago and I am very pleased with it. Thank you so much!
Kind regards

Giedre. Ireland (March 2021)



First, I wanted to share how much I and others have enjoyed the flute I purchased from you. Bet is has been about a year now, and never playing an instrument before, this has been perfect for me. I Love it!

I especially love playing it in the woods when I go for a walk and seems it lifts the spirits of others too who hear it. It is a life saver of some peace in these unrestful Covid times.

With so much gratitude for the gift of music you have given to me,

Vickie R, Stn Mtn, GA, USA (February 2021)


Hi Rich I received the flute and it’s great!  I like it’s compressed fat tone it produces.  Great back pressure too! 

Andre Nizzari, New York, USA (February 2021)


Received it today, haven’t had much time to play with it but what an amazing sound!!


Thank you so much !


Jon H. 

Edmonton, Canada (December 2020)


Thanks for your reply! I got it about a week ago and have loved playing it! In the woods, in my kayak, in caves, above treeline. Thank you!

John Hallman

Colorado, (November 2020)


Hi Richard

My flute arrived ahead of schedule.  I’m surprised how nice the sound is although I heard a sample online.  I know this flute will serve me well. Thanks for the personal contact and concern.  

Margaret Kelso

Arcata, California (November 2020) 


We received the flute! Thank you so much. It’s sounds wonderful! And I love the bag too...


Oklahoma (October 2020)


Received my very first drone flute last Friday, it made the trip to Minnesota without a scratch! 

I was able to play the drone on the first try, without any problems, and I’m enjoying it so much!

Two of us have the same flute at Flute Circle today, so we were playing our drone flutes together, making fabulous music.


C Meyer

Minneapolis, Minnesota (September 2020)


Thank you so much, Rich! This is great.
Your personal attention is much appreciated. I am really looking forward to playing the flute!

Kind regards,
Cecilia, Australia ( September 2020)

PS I think you live in a lovely part of the world. We are growing "Saskatoon berries" in our garden and they are very tasty.


Hi Rich,

I like the way the Indigenous D flute voices the high notes.  It also has more volume.  I’ve been trying it out on our recent notated songs and it sounds great!

Kevin Locke, Wakpala, South Dakota (August 2020)

[In response to playing the new version of the Indigenous style D diatonic Northern Spirit Flute]


Hello Richard,

The flutes arrived today in an intact package. The sound is even more beautiful than listening on the internet. It's really great! I am very happy.

Thank you so much. It only remains for me to improve! Take care of yourself.

Best regards,

Cathie, France (June 2020)


Hello Rich,

It seems like a little miracle, but my flute finally arrived just a few minutes ago and it sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for working with me through all this "fun time" with the USPS system.

Blessings, Jeff D., California (May 2020)

PS Thank you also for including the soft case!


I would like to say how much I am really loving the A minor flute I bought from you...

At first the flute was just a thought of owning a flute...but now I am actually playing it.. getting lost in the music...I play it every morning in between sipping on my morning tea...I like to think my dog TJ loves it

Dennis Cumberland, Fort St. James B.C. (April 2020)​


Dear Rich, just to let you know my spirit drone flute has been delivered,it's just as good as I hoped it would be ,and I am more than pleased with it ,also the delivery was quicker than I thought it would be  so big thumbs up all round ! Thanks for all your help. 

with all good wishes, 

David Woodrow, Suffolk,England (March 2020)


Subject: My grandson really likes the flute!



I gave my 10-year-old  grandson the Mid A Northern Spirit Flute today. He really likes it and was able to play some of the simpler songs in the songbook right away. He decided it was easier to play than the recorder his class is using in school.

Thanks for making such a lovely gift.

Sandra J, Denver Colorado USA (March 2020)


Wow Rich!

What a great sounding flute you have crafted and sent over to me to Germany.

Thank you very much, I have put the flute into my car so I have it always handy when I come to a good nature place and can play a bit.

This flute gives me joy, thank you very much for this my friend.

All The Best

Axel Vogelmann (January 2020)



Hi Rich-Just wanted to let you know that the flutes arrived today in great condition. They play great. Thank you for all of your hard work. I am sure that the people in our class will enjoy them tremendously.


Mike and Joy Cook (September 2019)


Hello there Rich:


I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and inform you that the flute I ordered (D Major) arrived at my home today, Monday, August 19th, 2019.  I have been playing it for a few hours now and I must admit that it has a rather unique sound.  I was aware that some of these Native American Flutes were being made out of plastic, ABS and so forth.  I had just never owned one until now.


I mostly play all improv and I do so with the 6th hole covered with a leather tie.  I had an extra one here so I installed that on your D Major flute.  I think I own about 12 flutes now and I have leather ties at the 6th hole on all of them.  I really like the sound of your flute here especially on the lower note register.  Also, I used a very accurate chromatic tuner and checked your flute.  Your tuning was dang near perfect.  A job well done.


Rich, I have a YouTube channel that I created a few years ago.  At the present time, I have 2,900 subscribers and over 500 videos posted.  I just do YouTube as a HOBBY and I certainly do not try to make any money from my videos.  I don't play that game.  I don't allow "ADS" to be played on my videos either.  In the near future, I plan to create a review video on this flute of yours.  I will send you the link.  Naturally there is no obligation here on your part.  Just good fun OR maybe I can stir up a wee bit of interest in your flutes.

As stated, a job well done Rich and it was a pleasure doing business with you..!!

Sincerely:  James R. Boren (August 2019)

YouTube link:




Love my flute!  I got it to travel and bring to work, without having to worry about it getting wet or dirty (I work in a hospital).  Great sounding and fun to play!


Love it so much I am buying two more, Indigenous tuned.  One for me and one for a friend.


Thanks so much for making these great sounding, economical, and travel-friendly flutes!  


All the best,

Lara from New York (July 2019)


Flute arrived today. Beautiful warm rich voice & excellent craftsmanship. Looking forward to playing a variety of tunes.
Thanks for the flute bag & scales.

Richard (June 2019)


Hi Rich

Flute came in the mail today.  Very nice tone.  Easy to play. 

Thanks for the quick service.

Terry Macham (May 2019)



Just receive a box of 25 flutes from your company, tuned to A minor.

Just took a few minutes and put the first one together before my flute workshop. It is amazing how well this flute plays and its tonal quality for the price. I also appreciate how loud the flute can be played without over blowing on any particular note. I was not expecting anything near this quality. I would highly recommend it to anyone as a travel flute or backpacking flute. 

You and your company must have put a lot of time into development to have something that produces such a tonal quality. You can be assured I will recommend your flute too many other people, both for those who just want to get started and see if they like the Native American flute or for someone who's looking for a robust travel flute.


Steven Telck (April 2019)


Hi Rich,

I received the flute today! It arrived in perfect condition - thank you for packing it so carefully. I just started messing around with it and I’m really impressed with the sound - I’m used to the recorder and the tin whistle, and your flute has a much softer, mellower sound, very nice 😊 I can’t wait to start playing some tunes on it!  

Many thanks again for all your help,

Rosalie Coburn, Ottawa (January 2019)


Rich - Thanks so much for noticing the overpayment - your honesty is a virtue I highly appreciate! 

With warmest wishes on a chilly day,

Frances Worthington, USA (January 2019)

"The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens." 


Thank you I know it would have come eventually and your welcome will do more business with you in future and let my friends and family know about the excellent flutes you have they're great thanks mate am happy with your business.

Geoff Gorry, Australia (January 2019)


It's here and I love it! (Spirit Drone Flute)

Thanks again!

Ed Pias, Socorro, New Mexico, USA (January 2019)


All has been approved! I have given my order to our school secretary who will look after submitting it to you and making payment. My order is as you estimated with 2 changes...41 flutes instead of 40 and also adding the CD (We Are All One People) Thank you Richard for the helpfulness you provided over the weekend!!! You've made this process very simple for me when I was very unsure of what to do in the beginning!!

Take care, Gerarda (January 2019)

Gerarda Germain Music Teacher Fort McMurray, AB


Thanks Rich, I'm very excited about your flute. I watched a YouTube video by Kalani Das that  said your flute was a great flute for a beginner. His description of your flute, its sound, and quality is why I chose to go with you. I hope to develop enough skill with this flute to move on to  one made of wood.   I'll let you know when I receive it and my thoughts about it.

Thanks again for your input and great customer service.

Kenneth Fleming (January 2019)


I have played one, they sound great! They sound as good as any wood one I have ever played.

Don Shands (October 2018)


Got my flute, it’s my first one also I just tried it out for the first time while watching one of your beginner videos. It sounds perfect!

thank you again Rich

Todd (October 2018)


This flute is absolute perfection It's exactly what I was looking for. It plays with such ease and sounds beautiful. I have nearly 10 years of clarinet experience and I currently play the Irish whistle, so I can appreciate the versatility of this flute. Even if one does not have woodwind experience it could be easily learned. Thank you for including the fingering chart for the scales, as well as the flute bag. I truly appreciate the quick delivery and attentive customer service. Excellent transaction all around.

- Sincerely, Karen from New York (March 2018)


Just received one of your assembled flutes and have been playing it nonstop for the past few days.  I love it.  Thanks!!


I took it apart for cleaning.  I really like the "notch" feature on the block to ensure proper alignment.  Nice touch!

Nels M. (Sept. 2018)


Hi Rich


Thanks very much for both the video and fingering charts. As I told you, I've had great success with my music therapy clients using the first version of the flute you made a few years back (C tuning with the low A), so now I'll have three flutes from which to choose, picking whichever one is most suitable for the song, style, key, mood, etc that is required.


You are to be commended for your ongoing work in creating and distributing these fine instruments!

All the best,

Len McCarthy, PhD, MMus, MMT, MTA



Dear Richard,



I love your f4k plastic flute! I've purchased and have been practising it for 3 months now.

I'd like to take this chance to thank you truly for making this flute. I can bring it with me outdoors. I can focus on learning how to play instead on babying my flute :) You've made it possible and easier for beginners to appreciate the native american flute. All the best!

Warm regards,

Misty Chua


Hi, Rich. It’s here in perfect order.

The sound is very satisfying, specially compared with the C classic recorder and the irish tinwhistle, which are the only wind instruments I’ve tried so far, with a softer attack and allowing smoother transitions among notes. Haunting sound from a relatively inexpensive instrument.

- Best regards, Enrique from Spain (April 2018)

I ordered flutes from the above website and I can say that they are FANTASTIC and my students LOVE them! I also have a well-stocked music room and they have been a wonderful addition to our learning!

- advice from Katherine on Facebook page "Elementary Music Teachers"


Just received my Northern Spirit Flute. I am really happy with it. The quality of the flute is very very high and rate it 10 out of 10. The voice of the flute is fantastic. I would highly recommend any flute player to purchase one of these whether a beginner or advanced. Also the customer service from Richard and Northern Spirit Flutes was first class. I am one happy customer.

- Simon Powell from the United Kingdom (Facebook Comment)


Hi Rich, 

Great news the flute arrived :) and its fantastic! I just wanted to let you know that it made it in perfect condition. Thank you so much.

- in gratitude Cindy :) (January 2018)


Richard the flute has arrived and I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase. Big thank you for your craftsmanship and excellent product. Many magic moments will happen. Thank you again.

- Dr Didge Dolphin from WhaleDreamers Yoga from Australia (March 2018)


Thanks Rich, such fast response is one of the reason that I love doing business with you!

- Tom Ransom from Florida (January 2018)


Hi Rich, 

I already left good feedback on Ebay. Not only that, I left it out in the rain and weather during the hurricane season by accident and that thing is as good as new. Literally this thing is like tough-as-nails! I love this thing brother! I appreciate it again man

- Elin McKnoll (Nov. 2017)


Dear Rich,


On behalf of the grade five students and staff of Prince Charles School, I want to thank you for the great session you put on for the students. With the varied presentation of videos, demonstrations, making the spirit flutes, and playing them, you kept them totally involved and engaged. I am so pleased to have been part of this experience, since I am 100% of Ukrainian background. I have learned so much about the indigenous culture, and the spirit flute workshop was definitely a highlight. We are now using the flutes instead of recorders in class because of the beautiful, mellow sound.


- Gloria Zaharia


I've played several flutes and many other instruments...this matches up and is professional in my experience and gets every note in perfectly..and is non perishable...thanks again

- Elijah Mcknolle


Many of my students are at risk of not meeting their full potential due to a variety of reasons, and it is important to note that 75% of the Aboriginal population in Durham Region reside in Oshawa; where I teach!    In fact, as I teach the songs from your workshop, numerous students have begun to self identify their Aboriginal background!!!   The price is fabulous!!    I am so excited to take this new journey along with my students........recognizing and acknowledging their rich and diverse Aboriginal heritage.


- Kathy Beatty


Hi Rich! 

I just wanted to touch base with you. We're just getting started in with my first group of students making flutes. Today we finished putting together, and spent a bit of time playing before we start the painting. The kids are stoked. Thank you very much! 

Thanks again for all you do. My students are really looking forward to learning to play. 

Dream Big, 

- Derek Hyland


Thanks for your kind attention.. I have one of your flutes which I purchased from Todd at Southern Cross Flutes I’m so happy with it I wanted to share one with my friend Charlie Arnold in Perth thanks for your care.


- Cheers Johnny Harris, Australia


Bonjour Richard,

J'ai reçu la flûte hier et j'en suis satisfait, la qualité me semble tout à fait bonne, le son est juste et la prise en main facile.

Merci beaucoup et bonne continuation!

- Sofiane Aït Chabane, France



Just wanted to thank you for the awesome flute!  Such a nice sound for a plastic instrument!  I'll be playing it in a production called Making Treaty 4 which will be performed here at the University on Aug 24th.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for your work!



-Dominic Gregario


I'd like to take this chance to thank you truly for making this flute. I can bring it with me outdoors. I can focus on learning how to play instead on babying my flute :) You've made it possible and easier for beginners to appreciate the native american flute. All the best!

Warm regards,  


- Misty Chua, Philippines


We have had two separate make days.  It was so much fun…for everyone!  Many, many thanks!

- Michelle Robinson, Music Specialist,


Hello Rich,

Received my flute today and I am very pleased. The voice is beautiful, just as good as an expensive wood flute, better in some cases!! You've done a brilliant job in designing and making this flute.   

I also think you do a great job in educating students about this beautiful instrument and their culture. I will definitely be recommending your flutes to fellow players.   


I wish you all the best for the future. Thank you once again.  Marc


I just wanted to let you know that I received the block you sent me yesterday. Thank you for the quick reply. My flute makes beautiful music again ... I have some  twenty -plus flutes that I've acquired over the years. Your flute is my favorite of all that I have. Easy to play.  great sound , durable. Great traveling flute. 


Many thanks for a great instrument. I always play at least one song at my weekly flute circle meeting, on it, and it is my "traveling flute " when I go out to a forest preserve or performances.


When it is time for me to acquire yet another flute, you can be sure it will be another NORTHERN SPIRIT FLUTE! 



"I am very pleased with my new flute. In fact, it has exceeded my expectations. It's a breeze to play, and the truth--the real truth--is that only the most experienced ears would be able to tell the difference between the Northern Spirit flute and a similarly tuned wooden flute."   


Thanks again, and all my best, 


- R. Gough



Yes, I've had it for a while now. It is great! I'm enjoying it immensely!  



I'll think of you, and pray for the work you are doing with children each time I play it, especially on the trail.  

- Ken, Shadowhawk Who Flies With Snow Owl


I had one of these flutes before, but it was unfortunately 'lost' in baggage transit on a snowboard trip to the mountains. Its perfect for my kayak trips on Lake Superior....great sound, and range, and of course not much watering up. I'm making a special trip up to Isle Royale (on Lake Superior also) this summer for backpacking and look forward to having the flute along.   


​......just wanted to let you know i really appreciate that you put these flutes out there.    


- Tom, Minnesota


Hi Rich,  



The flute arrived and is very sweet and comparable to my cherry wood A flute in tone. It's a lot of fun to play. I primarily bought it for my husband who drives a fuel truck so that he could keep it in the cab and not worry about anything happening to it in that rough and dirty environment. I gave it to him last week and told me he's been playing it while unloading gasoline which I'm sure is a sight to see for anyone filling up their car. Needless to say, the flute is a great success and I thank you for making it possible for people to take flutes anywhere.   





Rich, the flutes arrived yesterday. I have played one of them (the other was ordered as a gift for a guitar student and will be given later this week).  I am very, very happy with this flute...with its tone, tuning, fingering, and overall ease of play.   



The student, who will receive the second flute, has wanted one since she heard a flute that I already owned and used in her lesson a few weeks ago. I knew she would need one that was well made but more suited to her age. Your flute is what I was hoping to find. I believe it will bring some much needed peace and happiness to her life.   



Thank you,


- 2017 Customer, Northern Spirit Flutes


Hi Rich

I am loving this tuning, so versatile, and even more bluesy, do you do different keys?

Love it!!!



- Lee


Hello again Rich,   


The Northern Spirit Flute arrived yesterday evening. Although I have not had much time to experiment with it, my first impressions are very positive. The craftsmanship and sound are both excellent. I am quite pleased. Thank you very much!   


- Nancy Robinson, Alabama, USA


Hi Rich,

We got the flutes today and my children love them.  They sound so lovely and thank you for the song sheets plus info.   


- Anne


"Hi there, I received my flute very quickly. I really commend you on the tone and simplicity of it. I am extremely happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. I will buy another from you whenever you make a different key. Also I am interested in trying out your drone flute sometime. Thanks so much!"

- Joanne

Just received the flutes - Wow they play wonderfully!!!  I have several NAF flutes and have been playing for a long time.  Your flute plays with and sounds with the best them. What a wonderful gift you have created for everyone . . . FUZEN . . . blowing Zen. 

Thank you again and I am saving to by the kit I want to share the gift with my friends and fellow Tai Chi enthusiasts.  Great way to learn breath.

Walk in Beauty,

- azchimp 


Thank you for sending the flute out to me quickly.  The pitch is perfect and it's so easy to blow into.  Please email me whenever you have for sale additonal  ABS flutes in different keys.


Once again, thank you!

Be well,  

- Joanne Degnan :)


Wow! amazing flute!‏

I love the idea of plastic flutes. A flute I can enjoy anywhere anytime without worrying about having to baby it. I have been collecting various plastic Native american style flutes and I must comment that yours is so far superior! The tuning, dynamic range, stability of pitch, beauty and clarity of pitch are amazing. I am selling my Amon Olorin PF flute because it is just frustrating to play. Notes are unstable and the tuning is poor requiring crossed fingerings to get some notes right. I have been totally spoiled by your Northern Spirit flute and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone as the ideal first flute and beyond as a keeper!


Please let me know when your mid E flutes become available! I am your loyal fan!


- Liz Moore


Hello Rich,

Just wanted to confirm my order did arrive on the 18th and I've been playing it ever since. :) Thanks again for the premium product! Also a quick question: Should I take any breaks while playing the flute or is the ABS plastic durable enough to be played continuously for more than, say, half an hour? Thanks in advance!

- Ian

Hi Ian,

I am so glad to hear the flute arrived and you are happy with it. I am pleased to let you know you can play to your hearts content. That is one of the beauties of this flute for both the regular player and even better for those who live in areas of high humidity.

Excellent! I'm glad to hear that. Just want to thank you again for making such a nice product, and all it took to learn how to play amazing and soothing melodies was an afternoon session. I'll be sure to recommend your services for anyone that's looking for a high quality and durable Native American Flute.


"Your project flutes-for-kids rocks!"
                                                               - Marina Nadir


The flute that you so generously gave to me has been given to a very deserving at-risk teenager from a local native tribe.  I was doing an artist in residence program and this young man picked up the flute that I had been bringing with me and began to make incredible music with it.  This kid had been in a reserved shell for the entire program until he picked up that flute.  By the time he was done, another at risk teen had joined him in a duet with her singing.  Tears and joy were in full abundance. 

It was immediately clear after that young man picked it up that that flute was now his.  

I just wanted to let you know that it found a deserving and permanent home. 

- Frank Thompson, Founder. AZ Rhythm Connection


"I had the honor of getting a phone call, one day, from Rich Dubé of Northern Spirit Flutes. He asked me if I would help him with designing flutes, he was working on, that are made entirely from U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ABS plastic and explained to me that it was for children, so that they would be able to learn how to make and play these wonderful instruments at a very affordable price. I could tell in his voice that Rich was extremely sincere and committed to this project. Having children learn about this instrument is very important to me as well, so I told him to ask away with any questions he may have had and I would be happy to help him however I could. Rich called me several times and sent me several design ideas via E-mail to look at and discuss. He purchased a flute from me so that he could visually see how I made my wood flutes. Rich got as close as possible (molds permitting), making a very doable design. These flutes play very well and are fantastic for children to learn on. I tip my hat to Richard for staying so dedicated and for spending hours and hours of his time and using his own money to finance this project for the kids.
Rich, you are a good man with a good spirit....."
In Spirit,
Spirit of the Woods Flutes 

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