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Richard Dubé

As a full time music teacher, Rich does a limited number of workshops each year for both students and teachers. He is also available to present at conferences.


Indigenous flute making and playing

Rich has been providing workshops on how to make and play Indigenous style flutes since he started making them with his students at Pleasant Hill Community School in 2000. In 2005, Rich traveled to Wakpala, South Dakota to meet with Lakota Elders and Kevin Locke to seek their guidance and wisdom on his flute journey. The Elders and Kevin Locke gave him their blessings to teach and use the flute to help bring about positive change in our young people's lives. Along with sharing his expertise and teaching, Rich brings part of his flute collection on along to share in his workshops.   


World Music Drumming

Rich also provides workshops on World Music Drumming. He has been teaching World Music Drumming since 2000 and has served on Dr. Will Schmid's World Music Drumming faculty for the past 7 years. His students are instantly engaged in learning how to play and share their creativity through World Music Drumming. Learn more about World Music Drumming and summer courses by clicking on the World Music Drumming button below.

Kevin Locke is the foremost talent and expert in the Indigenous North American Flute. I highly recommend inviting Kevin to come out and work with your students, flute circles, to perform, or to present at your school or event. Read about Kevin below and click on a link to see him in action.

Kevin Locke

Kevin Locke, National Heritage Award fellow and World Ambassador from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is available to share a very powerful global message of Unity and Oneness thru Lakota Storytelling, Indigenous Flute and Sacred Hoop Dance.

Indigenous Flute Workshops also available, giving students opportunity to learn history and culture of early flutes including building flutes and learning songs with opportunity to perform with Kevin in concert performance.


Having performed in over 90 countries around the world with appearances to over 1,000,000 students and guests in over 10,000 schools and events in the last 35 years, Kevin’s goal is to educate, educate, engage and empower youth in reaching greatness and uniting the world in oneness.

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