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Spirit Drone Flute
Discount Special
(plus shipping and taxes if applicable)

Regular $125




I ship using Canada Post and under normal conditions, delivery takes 6-10 business days. However with COVID-19 and the Christmas shipping rush coming it may take longer.

***Please also be aware I no longer guarantee the arrival of shipments that do not have tracking. I had a bad run just over a year ago where I lost 6 orders that did not have tracking. 

Spirit-Drone-Flute-FrontSid copy.jpg

I have a number of Mid A Minor Pentatonic Spirit Drone Flutes that play beautifully but have cosmetic imperfections (scuffs and scratches & untidy glue job). I'm selling them at a discounted price, passing on the savings on to customers who have been wanting a Spirit Drone Flute at a very good price. Here's a few pics of what I'm talking about.

Please carefully fill out the form below including any additional information you would like to share or questions you may have.


Once you've place your order, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the full cost including shipping plus taxes for Canadian customers. Shipping to the continental U.S. is $23.95 via Canada Post Tracked Packet International. The cost of shipping for international orders varies greatly depending on the shipping method you choose. Canada Post Small Packet Air is $23.95 but does not have a tracking where Tracked Packet International can be around $38.95.

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