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Featuring the Indigenous Style D Diatonic Northern Spirit Flute

Holiday Special
(plus Canadian taxes)



The tuning on the Indigenous D Style Northern Spirit Flute is based on Kevin Locke's grandfather's over 100 year old flute. Kevin calls this tuning "the real deal". I am honored to have been asked by Kevin to be a part of his vision in helping to revitalize and promote the original tuning and teachings for what he aptly calls the Indigenous North American flute. 


This Indigenous D diatonic style flute plays the do, re, mi scale much like a penny whistle and recorder but, of course with a much gentler and more beautiful tone quality. This flute opens the door up to playing traditional Lakota and other Indigenous songs, as well as to new melodic possibilities that are hard to play on the contemporary tuned Native American Flute. That being said, you can also still play the same minor pentatonic scale on the Indigenous D flute that you can play on the contemporary Native American Flute, but with slightly different fingerings.


You can get the complete holiday package above that includes the Indigenous Style D Diatonic Northern Spirit Flute, the Learn to Play the Flute book, the SongKeepers DVD and a flute bag all for $99.95 including the cost of shipping! That's a savings of almost $25.00!

Order now to have the complete package arrive before Christmas.

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Indigenous Style D Diatonic Sale Sound SRichard Dubé
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