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This lesson book is the first of its kind to teach beginners how to play the Traditional Indigenous Flute using classic children's songs.  The teaching methods are easy and fun.  A sure hit with kids and teachers.


"My vision in creating this course with Richard Dubé has been to re-patriate the flute to Lakota culture,  in a way that allows as many children as possible to hear and learn the songs, sing the language, whether or not they actually become proficient flute players" - Kevin Locke

Learn To Play the Flute $29.95

  • I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with Kevin Locke on this Indigenous North American Flute book. I am very proud of the flutes I designed and tuned to the scale of his grandfather Powesheik's over 100 year old flute to help facilitate Kevin's work on reviving the flute in Lakota country, across North America and beyond. The book came about through presenting workshops with Kevin in North and South Dakota, as well as teaching with him at Sitting Bull College for the Lakota Language Consortium's "Summer Institute".  Special thanks to the Lakota Language Consortium and the Puffin Foundation for making this book possible!

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