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The Northern Spirit Drone Flute has two options.

  • The 1st option  has a second drone tube that plays the lowest note possible on the tube with the finger holes. This allows a player to harmonize with the melody they are playing.
  • The 2nd option is the Dual Tuned Northern Spirit Flute. On the drone tube, this flute has one hole that lies underneath the third finger from the top. When you close the hole with the middle part of your third finger, it plays the lowest note possible. When you lift the middle of your third finger to open up the hole, it plays an octave higher giving you even more harmonic possibilities.


It is quite an amazing experience when you get that big thick sound of two flutes played by one person.

Northern Spirit Drone Flute $129.95 - $139.95

  • I am proud to have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, please send it back to me for a complete refund. I am very proud to say this have never happened in my 8 years in business.

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