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SongKeepers is an amazing documentary every Native American Flute lover must have in their collection. I am extremely proud to have reauthored this movie onto DVD so it can be passed on to future generations. SongKeepers 2010 includes the original SongKeepers movie from 1999 plus 8 teacher edits (all videos under 10 minutes in length). I put this together especially for use by educators and flute circles. I have a limited number of copies available.


There are two price choices for SongKeepers as set out by producer Dan King. If you purchase SongKeepers for individual use , the cost is $24.95. If you purchase SongKeepers for an institution such as a school, the price is $49.95 which includes the performance rights to show SongKeepers in one school or institution.

SongKeepers 2010 $24.95 & $49.95

  • The Additional Teacher Edits Are As Follows:
    1. Kevin Locke Lakota Story of the Flute
    2. Hawk LittleJohn Making a Cane Flute
    3. What Flutes Are Made From
    4. The Arts in First Nations Culture
    5. The Origins of the Native American Flute
    6. How the Native American Flute Survived

    7. The Different Genres of Flute Songs
    8. Improvising on the Native American Flute.

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